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The Delivery Marketplace Apps Builder

Start strong with an all-in-one platform offering more than 86 features

Client App, Client web site, Delivery App, Vendors App, Admin panel, Push Notifications, Tracking, Loyalty system and more

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Choosing the Best Ecommerce Platform for Your Food Delivery Business: A Comprehensive Guide

Once the decision has been made to enter the food delivery business, it is time to figure out a lot of things. From which ingredients to use, and where to source them, to selecting the best ecommerce platform for food delivery, that suits all your needs, and keeps customers happy.

That is why we have created this guide, in order for you to compare different features from different developers, in order for you to find the most fitting software for food delivery. So whether you are looking for a user-friendly interface, an app to handle your orders and deliveries, or the best integration with your payment provider, this guide is for you!

Customization options

One of the most important things when selecting a food delivery platform, is to ensure that you can customize it to fit the needs of your business and niche. Look for an app that allows flexible options, such as the option of uploading the app to Google Play Store and Apple App Store, under your own business name. 

Similarly, if you are selling organic meals, you might wish for a different layout or structure, than selling homemade beef jerky, and thus it is imperative that you are able to add, edit, and remove branding elements, such as logos, banners and more. 

Cosmind is a fully fledged platform for food deliveries, that comes with all of these options and more. Compared to other platform providers in the industry, Cosmind allows you to fully set up the app with your own logo, banners and branding materials, meaning you can provide the customers with a seamless experience without watermarks or external links to the developer.

The interface

Another important factor, is to consider the interface itself. In practice, there are a few different things you will need to consider. Some platform developers only offer the customer order app, while other developers focus on the delivery side of things. Cosmind is a full-service solution, meaning you get access to 6 apps for all your business operations.

This means you are able to use the same logic for handling user orders, user management, delivery, vendors and more, all without having to buy different subscriptions or use software and apps from multiple companies. This makes it easy to keep organized and on top of things, while also providing a user-friendly solution for your customers.

Cosmind offers an advanced admin panel where you can manage every product or menu offered, set the pricing and delivery fees, handle new orders and past clients, set up promotions and marketing campaigns, and connect your payment integration directly in the app.

Your delivery drivers also get access to an integrated app that seamlessly works with the rest of the suite. There you can offer your delivery team a native experience, so they can keep track of where to go, and fulfill all delivery requests without issue.

And of course, Cosmind has made all of these apps easy to navigate, featuring intuitive menus, clear product descriptions, and a smooth checkout process, to ensure you can onboard users and experience as little friction as possible in terms of orders, management and deliveries.

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Advanced control panel

While we briefly mentioned the management aspect in the previous section, it is worth exploring in more detail, as it really is the heart of any food delivery operation. 

The control panel is the key to a successful business, as everything from your customers to your delivery team is handled here. That is why you need to pick the correct software for your food delivery business, in order to eliminate potential issues.

Cosmind offers extensive capabilities when it comes to order and delivery management. The app allows you to easily receive, process, and track orders. The app is fully developed as a complete solution, meaning managers and owners can keep everything on the platform, without the need for external services or spreadsheets.

Delivery features

The Cosmind app offers a delivery agent tracking feature, which allows customers to track the location of their delivery driver in real-time. This feature is available to both customers and admins of the app, providing transparency and ease of mind. 

Furthermore, Cosmind offers real-time order notifications, meaning that your customers will always be up to date with their order status, even if they are not looking at the specific tracking page for their delivery. 

The delivery drivers themselves also get access to the integrated platform, meaning they are able to quickly check the address for their deliveries, find out which order belongs to which customer, and even connect with vendors if need be.

Payment options

Last but not least, when it comes to choosing the best ecommerce platform for food delivery, you will need to consider which payment options to provide your customers with.

While many other food delivery platforms comes with a limited set of payment options, Cosmind offers their customers a large range of methods, in order to satisfy all potential clients of your business. They also frequently add more to their list.

As of writing, Cosmind makes it possible for restaurants to offer Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Discover, American Express, Cash, Mobile Payments, Paypal, Stripe and many other payment options for your customers, meaning you will not miss out on orders for this reason.

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