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Features You need to have in your Swiggy Clone

Swiggy Clone App is a cutting-edge food ordering and delivery app offering a wide range of features. It allows restaurant owners and entrepreneurs to customize the app according to their business models. 

You can create a white-labeled Swiggy Clone app with branding elements, such as your company/restaurant’s logo, name, color scheme, etc. The primary benefit of Swiggy Clone is launching your food delivery business without building an application from scratch. 

However, to stand out from the competition, you must include business and customer-oriented features in the app. The purpose is to reach your target audience, engage consumers, increase sales, and boost overall ROIs. Here is how a professional company can build swiggy clone with the best features. 

Customizable Layout 

Your app must have a customizable layout that aligns with your brand elements. Customization allows you to change the theme, design, and appearance anytime. Brand elements are an integral part of your app. 

So, focus on adding your restaurant/café name, logo, and colors to create a unique, cohesive, and recognizable business image. The purpose is to stand out from the competition and engage potential and existing customers with your brand. 

Location Tracking 

Location tracking is the most crucial feature of your Swiggy Clone app, allowing the user to know the location of the person delivering the food. At the same time, it helps the delivery personnel to complete the tasks efficiently and quickly. 

Remember, customers will trust your business and become repeat buyers when you deliver the food on time or before it. So, when you hire a professional company to build swiggy clone, ask them to include the location tracking feature. 

Live Food Menu

Build Swiggy Clone app with a live food menu because it is an excellent way to attract new customers and maintain the existing ones. The menu shows real-time data to the user, allowing them to order food available at the restaurant. 

In addition, this feature streamlines the menu management and allows you to modify it at any time. Depending on the insights generated via the data analytics, you can include popular food items in the app and increase sales. 

Point of Sale Integration 

Point of sale is a vital feature of your restaurant management system. Integrating it with the Swiggy Clone app helps you track essential data, including customer details, order details, mode of payment, and transaction amount. 

An integrated POS feature in your Swiggy app makes it a centralized place for data collection and reduces human error. At the same time, it saves you and your employees a lot of time and streamlines the revenue reporting process. 

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Simple Order Placement 

A simple and easy-to-use interface is directly proportional to improved customer experience, which translates to more orders and boosted revenues. Build Swiggy Clone app with a simple interface with less clutter to optimize order placing and tracking. 

Push-On Notifications

If you want to improve your brand visibility and stay ahead of your competitors, add push-on notifications on your app. The purpose is to connect with your customers and notify them regularly about loyalty programs, special offers, promotional items, and discounts. It is an excellent way to grab customers’ attention and engage and retain them. 

Search Filters

A search bar with filters allows users to personalize their experience. Customers can use search filters to explore restaurants and food items, check riders’ availability, etc. The filter option must facilitate your customers to sort the results by popular dishes, price, rider availability, and rating. Build swiggy clone and add the search feature to improve your customers’ experiences. 

Multiple Payment Options 

Adding multiple payment gateways or options to your Swiggy Clone app benefits your customers to make online transactions efficiently and quickly. Some of the most popular options are internet banking, PayPal, Payoneer, credit cards, debit cards, wallets, and even cryptocurrency. 

In-App Calls and Chat Features

In-app calls and chat features allow consumers to communicate with your company’s or restaurant staff, delivery personnel, drivers, or customer support team to resolve their issues. The primary objective of a chat feature on your Swiggy Clone app is to provide users with personalized experiences. 

Rating and Reviews

According to Oberlo, 54.7% of people read four or more reviews before buying a product. Therefore, including a rating or review section on your app is an excellent way to improve your brand reputation. Customers prefer to check reviews of food quality, delivery system, and prices before placing orders. 

Final Words  to build Swiggy Clone

It is crucial to build Swiggy Clone app for your restaurant or food delivery business to streamline your business operations, increase sales, and generate higher returns on investments. Adding or integrating the above features will make your app stand out from the competition and improve your business’s bottom line.

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